The Catholic University of America

Dr. Daniel García-Donoso


Dr. Daniel García-Donoso was born in Córdoba, southern Spain, and got his B.A. in Hispanic Philology from the Universidad de Córdoba in 2005. Later he came to the US to teach Spanish at college-level and obtained his PhD in Spanish at Yale University in 2012. His main area of research is the intersection between religion and culture in modern and contemporary Spain, and the contribution of artists, intellectuals, and cultural agents to the understanding of what “post-religious” and “post-secular” mean. Besides this, Dr. García-Donoso also enjoys thinking outside that particular box and investigating issues related to Transatlantic Studies, Memory Studies, and Artistic Representations of Corruption, Power and Excess.

Before coming to CUA, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory (University of London), and here at CUA Dr. García-Donoso is currently teaching an undergraduate course on “Memory and Culture of the the Spanish Civil War” as well as Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition. Next semester he will be teaching a graduate seminar on “Religion and Modernity in Spain” as well as a module on Spanish culture within the course “European Culture: Multiculturalism and National Identity”.