The Catholic University of America

 Dr. Arpad von Klimo


Arpad von Klimo has done research in different fields of Modern and Contemporary European history. After studying the similarities and differences of Italian and Prussian-German state elites during the time of establishing nation-states (1860-1914) (PhD, FU Berlin 1992), he worked on Hungarian history in a broader European context. His second book analyzed the social history of national historical myths in Hungary between 1860 and 1948 and the relationship between religion and nationalism. (Published in German, 2003) Other books he co-edited with colleagues focused on Anti-Americanism in 20th century Europe  and on the relationship between extreme emotions and dictatorships in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (Rausch und Diktatur, with Malte Rolf).

Currently, Dr. von Klimo is editing the Routledge History of East Central Europe (together with Irina Livezeanu) (forthcoming 2013), and works on an American, up-dated and extended version of his book “Hungary since 1945” (published in German, 2006). He taught at different universities in Germany (FU and HU Berlin, U Potsdam, Bielefeld, Intern. U Bremen) and in Vienna, Austria, before he was teaching as DAAD Visiting Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.